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"I remember the Great Depression" by Eugene Williams 2oz Fresh Fudge 8oz Fresh Fudge
"I remember the Great Depression" by Eugene Williams2oz Fresh Fudge8oz Fresh Fudge

A wonderful recollection in the life and times of local Eugene Williams. His book captures the true and authentic days during the Great Depression, he adds a touch of humor as well.

Fresh and scrumptious, handmade Fudge will melt in your mouth and subdue any Sweet Tooth. 

Fresh and scrumptious, handmade Fudge will melt in your mouth and subdue any Sweet Tooth. 




K-9 Search: Journey through the Storm K-9 Search: Navigating the Journey K-9 Search: One Handler's Journey
K-9 Search: Journey through the StormK-9 Search: Navigating the JourneyK-9 Search: One Handler's Journey

Another witness had come forward, saying they were sure they had seen someone of Tom’s description near one of the old mine pit lakes.

As a K-9 Search and Rescue handler, Rebekkah James has learned that being able to navigate her way through the wilderness area of Minnesota is important. 

It was almost 4 months later that we got the call that our missing hunter had been found. Deceased.




Lace and Ruffle Leg Warmers Lace Petti Rompers Mixed Media Canvas Art
Lace and Ruffle Leg WarmersLace Petti RompersMixed Media Canvas Art

Super adorable Lace Leg Warmers for those cool summer nights. Or add Ruffle Leg Warmers to any adorable outfit or style. Perfect for pictures. 

Elegant and stylish Lace Rompers are great for warm Summer days and photos. 

Gourgeous handcrafted Canvas Art with painted layers along with paper media and more. 




Mixed Media Journals Mixed Media Mini Clipboard Satin and Tulle Tutu/Skirt
Mixed Media JournalsMixed Media Mini ClipboardSatin and Tulle Tutu/Skirt

All handmade with a touch of love and style. Great gifts or just for personal use. 

These handy and adorable mini clipboards are perfect for the car or your briefcase, desk or as a gift. Handmade on canvas squares they are sure to help you with your grocery list or errands. 

Perfect for any little girl who loves bounce and fluff. 




Satin and Tulle Tutu/Skirt Shirt Apron Stolen Years by Darrel Day
Satin and Tulle Tutu/SkirtShirt ApronStolen Years by Darrel Day

Absolutely adorable, bouncy and full fluff. Fun or any little one from 4-6 years. 

Get a great look in the kitchen with these repurposed Men's Shirts. 

This is the story of Connie {Sarff} Nelson, a woman from Minnesota that was abducted by her estranged husband, James Sarff. 




Comfort-CD by Belle Roth Crackers and Milk by Arlene Nelson Survival by Grace-Author Rae Jenna Stillson
Comfort-CD by Belle RothCrackers and Milk by Arlene NelsonSurvival by Grace-Author Rae Jenna Stillson

Fourty six minutes of peaceful music that will uplift and comfort your spirit and soul. 

Sarah Richards, the oldest of five children growing up in the early 20th Century rural Midwest, struggles to hold her family together as she and her four siblings attempt to survive illness, abandonment, abuse, neglect, hunger, institutionalization, and loss.

Join Liz as she fights for survival in the mountains of British Columbia. After a brutal attack and being left for dead, Liz learns there is more to survival than just using her wits. She must learn how to fight off fear, surrender to God and...




The King's Rescue by Theresa Belle Roth American Girl Maple Table and Oak Chairs The Littlest Loon by Robert Kutter and Illustrator Debra Johnson
The King's Rescue by Theresa Belle RothAmerican Girl Maple Table and Oak ChairsThe Littlest Loon by Robert Kutter and Illustrator Debra Johnson

Isn't it true that everyone loves a story? The King's Rescue is a book of short stories that were inspired by God, to the author. These soul searching stories will impact you and listeners for years to come. Great Sunday School resource, but also...

Gorgeous Handcrafted American Girl Doll (Maple Table with Oak Chairs)

Our newest book in the store---A children's book. What a perfect fit for us. Local Writer and Illustrator coming from Grey Eagle, MN.




8oz Moisturizing Handmade Lotions 14' Blue-Fleece Snake Drawstring Pack with DUROcord
8oz Moisturizing Handmade Lotions14' Blue-Fleece SnakeDrawstring Pack with DUROcord

From the dried herbs and spices that distinguish All Things Herbal soaps, we make soap from scratch using our own original recipes and blending the finest ingredients for gorgeous, fragrant, decadent handmade soaps.

What a wonderful and unique gift for your child or loved one. Fun, cuddly and friendly berber fleece snake. Made with quality fabric and materials to last. Terrific Christmas Gift!





Heffys Premium BBQ Sauce SC Mainstreeters Silver Mesh Athletic Shorts 'Legs' the Caterpillar
Heffys Premium BBQ SauceSC Mainstreeters Silver Mesh Athletic Shorts'Legs' the Caterpillar

Premium BBQ sauces using only the best ingredients including a hint of Tabasco® (some say the BBQ mecca). Heffys taste tests every Micro-Crafted batch to ensure the taste is spot on.


A fun and family friendly pet that will bring cheer to any child or adult. Soft and fluffy plush material with a ton of character. 




Crochet Bracelets Painted Glassware Ninja Sword and Sheath
Crochet BraceletsPainted GlasswareNinja Sword and Sheath

Beautifully handcrafted Crochet Bracelets with beads and charm. Choose from a variety of styles and colors. 

Please indicate which Bracelet(s) you would like to purchase in the Special Instructions field during Checkout. Thank you. 

Beautiful, locally hand painted glassware by Sister Suzanne for any occassion or as a gift. Many pieces available to choose from. Wine glasses, plates, mugs and vases.

Ninja Sword & Sheath

Assorted colored plastic swords with gold trim and sheaths. Comes packaged in 25" bag with header card.




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